Uv-specteophotometry to Determine the Content of Tanning Substance in Extract of Acacia Nilotica Seeds

Z.A. Basher1* , Z.E. Ahmida² , M.S. Munayr 3 and S.M. Mahraz 4

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Tragen, Fezzan University, LIBYA. , Assi. Prof 1* 2,3Lecture, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of E.Mand E, Sebha University, LIBYA. 4Assi. Lecture, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of E.MandE, Sebha University, LIBYA.


The present work was designed to quantify the tannin in the acacia nilotica from seeds by the spectrophotometric method. A simple and reproducible UV spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of tannins in acacia nilotica seeds was developed and validated. Therefore, in the present study an attempt has been made to determine the tannin content in acacia nilotica using Folin-Denis’ method. A blue colored complex is formed by using tannic acid. The spectrophotometric method performed well in quantifying the tannin.The method showed the amount for tannin in the range of 3.447mg 3.815mg and 4.351mg in each extract distilled water, ethanol(99%) and acetone respectively.

Keywords :acacia, seeds, tannic acid, UV spectrophotometer.