Development of Functional Drink from The Leaves of Moringa Stenopetala

Abdurohman Mengesha Yessuf1, Babuskin Srinivasan2 and Ballekallu Chinna Eranna*

1,2&*College of Natural Sciences, Arba Minch University, Arba Minch, Ethiopia, EAST AFRICA.


Moringastenopetalais a tree in the Moringa genus of flowering plants, native to Kenya and Ethiopia (southern part). It can be harvested all year round and plays a vital role for household food security, as source of income, medicine, fodder, fuel for the people in thatregion. It has large edible leaves reported to have high amounts of essential amino acid with the right balance, as well as high amounts of minerals and vitamins. Moringa is said to be the new hope in efforts at minimizing malnutrition and various related ailments. Now-a-days the demand for functional foods is on the rise. Our project work aims in exploiting the potential of Moringastenopetala towards the development of functional drink. Mango, Avocado, carrot, ginger and lemon will be used as natural additives to enhance its taste and appearance. The developed drink will be analyzed for it’s proximate, sensory and shelf life analysis.

Keywords :Moringastenopetala, Functional drink, Malnutrition, Proximate, Shelf life.