Synthesis, Characterization and Computational Study of Some Schiff Bases Derived from p-Aminoazobenzene

Md. Nuruzzaman*, Sabrina Helen, Md. Idrish Ali and Muhammad Abul Kashem Liton

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Santosh, Tangail-1902, BANGLADESH.


Five new Schiff base ligands were synthesized from the reaction of p-aminoazobenzene with benzaldehyde, 3-nitrobenzaldehyde, 4-chlorobenzaldehyde, 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, and cinnamaldehyde. These Schiff base compounds have been characterized by elemental analyses, FT-IR, 1H NMR, and 13C NMR spectroscopic measurements. Computational studies further revealed their molecular geometry and electronic properties at the PM6 level by performing the semi-empirical molecular orbital theory.

Keywords :Schiff base, p-Aminoazobenzene, Benzaldehyde, PM6.