Synthesis and Characterization of some Macro Cyclic Polynuclear μ-Azide and Oxalate Spacer Bridged Copper Complexes

Sarojini. T*1 and Ramachandraiah. A2

1Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus, Ibrahimpatnam, RR District, INDIA. 2National Institute of Technology, Warangal, INDIA.


An attempt is made to synthesize and study the coordination compounds with enhanced spacial gap between the bulky bridging moieties such as biphenyl bridges. This is possible by insertion of multi dentate spacer type bridging ions or groups. The idea is to tailor coordination compounds possessing enough room for the free entry and exit of molecules such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc., for any specific model activity. In one category, the azide and oxalate bridged groups used as spacer groups separately in the complexes of [Cu4(dadpm male)2(N3)4(H2O)4, [Cu4(o.toli male)2(N3)4(H2O)4, [Cu4(dadpm male )2(Ox)2 (H2O)4 [Cu4(o.toli male)2 (Ox)2 (H2O)4 and in another category, both azide and oxalates groups used together as groups such as[Cu4(dadpm male)2 (Ox)2(N3)4, [Cu4(o.toli male)2(Ox)2 (N3)4 etc., were synthesized and characterized using different techniques like Elemental analysis, DSC, ESR, IR and Electronic spectra are recorded.

Keywords :biphenyl bridging moiety, Azide and Oxalate spacer groups, model activity.