A Study on Analysis of Physiochemical Characteristics of Moringa, Mango and Leucocephala Seed Oils

Ketemaw Salelign Yazie1, Babuskin Srinivasan2 and Ballekallu Chinna Eranna*

1,2&*College of Natural Sciences,
Arba Minch University, Arba Minch, Ethiopia, EAST AFRICA.


The seed oils of Mangniferaindica (I), Moringa stenopetala (II) and Leuceanaleucocephala (III) were extracted and analyzed for their physiochemical characteristics. The seeds of I, II & III contained 12 %, 30 % and 8 % oil content respectively. The highest oil yield was obtained for Moringa and the lowest was recorded for leucocephala respectively. The oils of I, II & III had respectively, moisture content 6.76, 6.95 and 5.54; ash content 3.13, 5.74 and 4.08; acid value 0.41, 0.37 and 0.64; peroxide value 8.62, 12.37 and 2.65; iodine value 58.5, 68 and 112.7; saponification value 202.3, 182 and 146 respectively. The refractive indexes of all oils were found to be in around 1.45. All the extracted oils were liquid at room temperature and light yellow in color. The properties of oils analyzed showed that these oils can be used as ingredient in Biodiesel, Biopolymers, Bio lubricant, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

Keywords :Non-edible, extraction, physicochemical, oil yield.