Mineral Resources of Chhattisgarh State

Puran, Yuvraj and G. P. Khare

Civil Engineering Government Engineering College Jagdalpur, India


Chhattisgarh state has the workable economic deposits of almost all minor and major minerals located at different parts of the state. Different kind raw minerals are available to sustain the conventional Industries. Southern Bastar Province and the northern Satpura Province is divided by Central Indian Shear Zone (CIS). The Central Indian Shear Zone subdivides the state into two distinct geological provinces and trending E-W and passing through the central part Kondagaon constitutes by Bastar Province cratonic nuclei comprising Archaean Gneissic Complex with tectonic silver. The Neo Archaean to Palaeo Proterozoic green stone belt is the 1center part of the gneissic complex Bailadila Group. It spread around in the western part of the state bordering to ward Maharastra between Chilpi Ghat in the north to the fringes and Abujhmar in the south.

Keywords :minor and major minerals, raw minerals.