Ageing Property of Product Extracted From Hydropyrolytic Depolymerization of LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE Type of Polyethylene

Gautam Kumar Roy

Assistant Chemist, Quality Control Laboratory, Barauni Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Begusarai, INDIA.


The ageing property is a process of gradual deterioration of polymeric materials which may be caused due to the long lasting detrimental interactions of physical, chemical and the biological effects on the depolymerized polyethylene materials. The longevity of the hydropyrolytic depolymerized polyethylene materials depends on the change or deterioration in the structural parameters. Thus the ageing property helps in providing the knowledge about the stability of the depolymerized polymers at different conditions. The process of aging has significant practical importance as it determines the time after which polymers can no longer meet material or technical criteria for their proper application. The stability of the fuel depends on the life expectancy of the component at different thermo chemical and physical conditions. Oxidative degradation of the product causes change in the property of the fuel which further reduces the efficiency of the fuel. The differential ageing property of the extracted product from LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE mix type of the polyethylene via hydropyrolysis process has been investigated. Formation of the hydroperoxide in the presence of oxygen is also investigated.

Keywords :Ageing, polyethylene, hydropyrolysis, DSC, FTIR, glass transition temperature.