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Volume 9,  Issue 1 ,    January 2019
Effect of Epoxy Resin Concentration on Some Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fabric/ Nitrile Rubber Reinforced Composites
Sawsan Fakhry Halim1, Said Sayed Gad El Kholy2, HalaFikry Naguib2, Riham Samir Hegazy3 and Nermen Mohamed Baheg1*
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (1), 1 - 15  (2019)   
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Visualization of Chlorophyll Change in Spinach by Hyperspectral Imaging
Tao Zeng1, Jun Li1, Hongyu Huang2* and Noriyuki Kobayashi1*
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.8 (12), 1201 - 1209  (2019)   
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Synthesis and Characterization of Some Novel Coumarin-1,2,3-triazole Derivatives Via Click Reaction as Novel and Evaluation of Anti bacterial and Anti fungal Agents
Y. Parthasaradhi and T. Savitha Jyostna
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.8 (12), 1210 - 1219  (2019)   
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