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Volume 9,  Issue 10 ,    October 2019
Novel 2-(5-(substituted-benzyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-substituted-isoindoline-1,3-dione derivatives-Their one pot synthesis and Antimicrobial evaluation
Vijay V. Dabholkar1*, Dinesh Udawant2, Rahul Jaiswar and Ajay Gopinathan
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (10), 274 - 280  (2019)   
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Mineral Resources of Chhattisgarh State
Puran, Yuvraj and G. P. Khare
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (10), 281 - 284  (2019)   
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Evaluation of Exchange-Correlation Functionals for Calculating 1H and 13C NMR Chemical Shifts of a Series of Lactones and Lactams in Solution
Nadia FASKA* and Fatima EL BAZ
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (10), 285 - 295  (2019)   
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A Kinetic Investigation of the Effect of Solvent Ethanol on Hydrolysis of Acetic Anhydride by Conductivity Method
Jessie M. Moses
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (10), 296 - 299  (2019)   
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Analytical and Pharmaceutical Formulation Analysis Based on Ion Selective Electrode Determination using Drug of Levamisole and its Application
Sabah M. Moltazem
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (11), 300 - 309  (2019)   
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Hydrogenation of Soybean Oil to Achieving the Low Trans Containing Edible Fat
Shraddha P. Vaidya1, Hitesh C. Vadalia2, Prakash B. Gangudi2, Sachin D. Veer3 and Abha S. Dhomane*
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (12), 310 - 325  (2019)   
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Estimation of Macronutrients in Soil of Bastar Plateau Region Chhattisgarh, India
Prabhakar Mishra1, Manish Upadhayay2 and G. P. Khare
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (12), 326 - 330  (2019)   
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NMR Spectral Simulation Studies of Some Heterocyclic Organic Compounds
Pradeep Kumar Gupta and Kishor Arora*
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (12), 331 - 341  (2019)   
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Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Chemocytotoxic Activity against Hepatocellular Carcinoma of Novel Metal Complexes
Abdou Saad El-Tabl*1, Moshira Mohamed Abd-El Wahed2, Mohammed Ali Shebl1 and Shaimaa Mohamed Faheem1
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (12), 342 - 365  (2019)   
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Removal of Notorious Heavy Metal and Harmful Microbes from Industrial Wastewater using the Modified Fourth Generation Downflow Hanging Sponge Reactor
Abdou Saad El-Tabl, Karem. S. Sarhan and Ahmed Behery
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.9 (12), 366 - 379  (2019)   
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