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Volume 8,  Issue 7 ,    February 2018
Direct Determination of Rare Earth Elements by ICP-MS after Fluoride Fusion –Application to Bauxite
V. Padmasubashini* and Beena Sunilkumar
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.8 (7), 974 - 983  (2018)   
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Green Synthesis, Characterization of Copper Nanoparticles Derived from Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract and their Antimicrobial Activities
S. Kothai*1 and Umamaheswari R2
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.8 (7), 984 - 992  (2018)   
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Kinetics and Mechanism of OsO4 Catalysis in Acid Bromate Oxidation of Substituted 2-Azachalcones in Aqueous CH3COOH-H2SO4 Medium
Naseem*, Satla Gangakishan, S. Sharath Kumar Goud and E Venkata Ramana
J. Chem. & Cheml. Sci. Vol.8 (7), 993 - 1000  (2018)   
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